About Me....

David allan


Born in the Kingdom of Fife some time ago, I was fortunate to become the owner of a Zenit E TTL camera as teenage years approached.  In the film era, every photograph counted, and without the wherewithall to purchase unlimited films, far less even consider developing them myself, I often used my camera without pressing the shutter.

The first lesson here was that as people became aware that there was often no film, they relaxed and I was fortunate to capture what I have always thought of as the best ever pictures of my parents from what they assumed to be an empty camera.  In this digital age, that deception will no longer work, but I know the benefits of being able to have your subjects relax in front of the camera.

With my Zenit, I also pretended to myself that I would be taking photographs when in fact I wasn't.  This made me think about composition far more that I would otherwise have done. The images I formed, only in my minds eye, prepared me for composing my shot 'in camera' and greatly reduces my need to crop or edit as much today.

Of-course one of the main benefits of digital, for the general photographer, is the ability to take as many images, or attempted images, as you wish, and edit through them to achieve that 1 image you seek.  Desktop editing is an art in itself, and often makes photography take a back seat to Art..My own personal view is that putting something in a picture that wasn't there when you pressed the shutter, takes you away from photography and towards art. Bringing something out of the shadows, or underexposed areas however is just the same as the burning and dodging used by skilful developers in darkrooms..It is of-course much easier today. Similarly, apturing in RAW format, and then adjusting on a desktop is still photography, you just now have the ability to sit in front of a screen with a coffee and do it after taking the original photograph..

Anyway, without wishing to drone on and on about photography, contained herein are just a small selection of my photographs, mostly from the digital age.... I really wish to be a wildlife photographer, but i take more landscapes. Its a simple truth that the landscapes tend to sit better for pictures than wildlife..